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SoftCast: One-Size-Fits-All Wireless Video

dB, SoftCast improves the average video quality by 5.5 dB over the best performer of the two baselines. Even with a single mobile receiver, SoftCast elim-inates video glitches, whereas 14% of the frames in our mobility experiments suffer glitches with the best performer of the two baselines. Finally, SoftCast tolerates an order of magnitude

3M™ Scotchcast™ Soft Cast Casting Tape | 3M United States

Product Details. Flexible, soft cast allows for mobility. The soft, pliable cast edges improve patient comfort. Can be used in combination with rigid fiberglass splints, as soft edges provide additional comfort. A fiberglass casting tape that does not set to a completely rigid state, but remains flexible and soft even when it is completely cured.

3M Scotchcast Soft Cast | Performance Health

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What Is a Soft Cast?

A soft cast is a cast made from flexible fiberglass casting material and molded to the patient's injured limb. Soft casts are primarily used by athletes who have healed injuries that still need extra support when they're active. The cast is molded onto the limb for practice, then cut and removed at the end of the activity.

Soft cast application (3M soft cast) - YouTube

This is my technique for applying a 3M soft cast. Our orthopaedist uses this cast for the local high school football teams in place of a hard fiberglass cast...

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Orthopedic Surgeons Compare and Contrast A Soft & Hard Cast

A soft cast is mostly for partially healed wrist fractures or for any other small fractures. A 1” stockinette is used for thumb injuries and a 2” stockinette is used for the arm. Casts may be longer or shorter depending on where the injury is located and how bad it is. A soft cast is made to be removable and is held in place with an ace ...

SoftCAST™ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Home

SoftCAST™ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (STPL in short) is an engineering software products and services company, providing solutions to foundries, OEMs, component designers and related organisations in India and abroad. Our aim is to provide comprehensive leading-edge solutions that meet crucial needs of these industries, are excellent in quality ...

Welcome to NSSofCast

Welcome to NSSofCast. Welcome to. NSSOFTCAST. NSSoftCast is a Real-Time tracking software anywhere anytime for induction melting furnace. Each furnace power consumption that enable me analyze where time and money was lost and how to avoid such losses with the help of NSSoftCast. It optimize production planning to assure smooth operations.

What Is a Soft Ankle Cast? | Healthfully

A soft cast is a different kind of cast than the traditional plaster cast 2. Soft casts are made from fiberglass and offer more flexibility than traditional casts. Soft casts are often used for ankle injuries because the theory of "walking it off" is beneficial for most ankle injuries. The ability to use the ankle during the healing process can ...